Laws Governing the Custody of Children Beyond 14 Years of Age

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If your kid is close to or beyond the age of 14 and you are contemplating asking for full custody, you may want to verify your state's child custody regulations before proceeding. In a number of places, children older than 14 will be allowed to choose which parent they choose to live with. Obviously, this is assuming there is no proof of child abuse by the parent the youngster prefers.


While many parents believe their children are incapable of determining what is best for them, not all courts concur. In California, for instance, a kid older than 14 is permitted to choose which parent he or she would want to live with, providing the courts determine that the parent is suitable and in the child's best interest.


While the court will enable a kid to pick which parent he or she would want to live with, it will normally grant parenting time to the non-custodial parent. A parenting plan will be necessary for this situation. The custodial parent will have the authority to make all decisions pertaining to an emergency, medical care, and everyday matters.


The non-custodial parent will continue to have access to all of the child's records and will be permitted to participate in religious and educational choices. In other states, child custody rules vary but generally typically include a provision for children older than 14 years.


For additional in-depth information about child custody rules in your state, you may choose to visit your state's official website and review its different divorce and child custody legislation. Additionally, you may call an experienced child custody attorney for a free consultation.


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