Perfect diary recommends coral and berries

In 2019, perfect diary cosmetics was ranked the No.1 color cosmetics brand and Top 3 beauty brand on T-mall. During Double 11 promotion, Perfect diary cosmetics had been the first Chinese brand ever to win the championship in beauty category, as well as in the categories of color palette,


I have been looking for a eye black that can increase the volume and length without excessive caking. Perfect diary eye black can do this even after several layers, and it is also waterproof... Believe me, it is.

Before I met this extended eye black from perfect diary, I was ready to look like a raccoon for the rest of my makeup life. After applying multiple layers, it will not agglomerate, making my eyelashes look long. Most importantly, it will not completely cover my face by the end of the night.

Lips have officially returned. I'm not sure which color to catch? Perfect diary recommends coral and berries, while makeup artist Maria is entirely about red moments. A strong red lip look has spread all over the red carpet.