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Grinding Gear Games is planning the last Path of Exile update in 2022. The latest expansion for the long-running dungeon crawler is called The Forbidden Sanctum. It looks set to introduce some new roguelike elements, as well as improved endgames and new challenges that are sure to tire even the most experienced Path of Exile players. We can Buy POE Currency at MMOBUY.

What exactly is the forbidden sanctuary? This is an ancient Templar enclave found beneath the ruins of Fairshire. It has been abandoned for years, but has resurfaced with harrowing evil. Players will explore abandoned strongholds in the new Sanctuary Challenge League. Players who are used to the standard Path of Exile game loop should brace themselves, as Sanctuary itself is actually a new game.

The sanctuary is full of debilitating dangers, and players should approach it with caution. They can preview the next few rooms in their path, spot monsters in their path, and can try to plan accordingly. Of course, like any roguelike, death is inevitable. Players should expect to make multiple attempts at the sanctuary before escaping is even within sight.

While death will end the Sanctum's run, players should also take note of the new gauge at the bottom of the screen. The Resolve meter is the character's will to brave the depths of the temple. However, it will gradually decrease during the run. Once the Resolve meter is completely depleted, the run is over. While a character's physical health bar is protected from monster attacks, the determination bar takes a bigger hit. Therefore, even if a character is made to look like a tank, the player should try to avoid getting hit as much as possible.

This also helps players plan their paths through the Sanctuary. Some rooms are affected, which affects the player's determination meter and recovery. Some of these pains are more severe than others. On the other side of the coin, rooms containing special boons can be found. Some boons can help players regain resolve. Sometimes this recovery is free, but sometimes it comes at a cost. Players will also find new Aureus currency throughout the run, which can be exchanged for alliance-exclusive rewards. Better rewards await those who can survive each floor of the Temple, which may entice players to accept the Pact of the Damned. Deeds will come in different forms and offer special benefits in exchange for some serious consequences.

While a Sanctum run will usually start from scratch, it is possible to acquire Templar Relics over time. Once these are acquired, they will permanently mark the player's position in the Sanctuary, allowing them to avoid starting from scratch.

While the Sanctum Challenge League is the main draw for Path of Exile's next update, players can expect to see some major improvements throughout the game. Endgame in particular is getting an overhaul. To prevent players from depositing all their Atlas tree rewards into the boss fight, these rewards will now be injected into their base stats. Ideally, this would open the door for players to use the rewards in standard map encounters.

Finding the Atlas Tree will also receive some new narrative content. Atlas Memories will flesh out the backstories of some of Path of Exile's more popular additions from the past. For the game's next update, look for new Atlas Memories that will further expand the Domination and Bestiary Alliance stories.

While there's a lot of new content in Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum, it should be noted that the game is nearly a decade old. Players who have been around since day one have probably seen it all. With this in mind, Grinding Gear presents a new challenge to these veterans. A new Ruthless mode will be added, which makes the game harder than ever. Rather than buffing monsters to ridiculous levels, however, the development team did so by increasing item scarcity, limiting crafting, and making it only obtainable through support gems dropped, just to name a few. The Path of Exile website will detail what makes Ruthless mode the toughest PoE challenge yet.

Forbidden Sanctum is coming to Path of Exile in just eight days. PC will receive the update on Friday, December 9, while PlayStation and Xbox will receive it on Wednesday, December 14. Each expansion brings the fanbase closer to ExileCon 2023, where everyone will learn more about Path of Exile 2. In the meantime, we'll continue to monitor for new updates. Keep it on Shacknews for any further news on Path of Exile. is the most trusted partner for POE players to Buy Path Of Exile Currency and items. Having a good time!