I love playing with that child way more than I give a shit about some game

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My child and Animal Crossing Bells I play Minecraft collectively, my kid is younger than op's daughter also does not get the"stage". However he enjoys"building together". As in, I am building a home and he wants to be building the same residence. And sometimes he has an idea but instead of executing on it flawlessly he breaks my home and replaces it with mismatched bricks. Obviously when he fucks up my digital home that I throw I tantrum, yank his controller out of his palms, and prohibit him from my property.

Oh wait, I'm not a complete psycho, so I just tell him what a great job he is doing. Sometimes he gets frustrated because he's not as great as me (I swear I am not bragging about my skills, I'm only better than a small child for now), and I remind him that the whole pleasure is playing together. I wonder whether op's kid awakened the island because her mother sucks to play with. "Stay on your house and arrange the knick knacks we depart you".

I love playing with that child way more than I give a shit about some game. OP requires therapy.

Literally my initial thought"awesome meme but want more chins for this to be accurate"

Srsly I don't even have a double chin when my mind is in certain"ordinary" healthy posture, and it's a prominent"powerful" chin at that. However, every time I see a dim Switch screen reflection of myself, it is like a triple chin and small eyes staring back. Maybe there's a lesson in that however lalala what

Add"jacked guys giving healthy advice to each other in their own computers" meme, but with animal crossing tips.lmao what? You dont want people to enjoy stuff unless they do it the specific same way as you?I time travel when redd comes. Other wise its almost mathematically impossible to finish the artwork collection.And that confidence also. Like, how amazing it has to be to grin like that every buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket time.