I play Rocket League almost daily

I play Rocket League almost daily


I play Rocket League almost daily, definitely weekly. Whenever there's a chance for a late night session, I line up one of my music playlists, and happily boost away 'til the witching hour. The game's huge success has led to developer Psyonix becoming almost a Rocket League studio, with huge amounts of post-launch content ranging from new modes and maps to a crate-and-key loot system for cosmetics.

The latter has been around for years now, and is pretty standard as far as these things go. It's not being removed either, despite the arrival of a new monetisation method which arrives hot on the coat-tails of the Fortnite phenomenon: a battle pass. In this case, a Rocket Pass. The idea is that all players, free of charge, get access to a basic rocket pass for each three-month season of Rocket League. However! The 'premium' player can choose to pay, in this case, £7.58 for increased XP and a much bigger list of unlocks... which they then have to unlock, before the next pass comes around.

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