I want to place these in my mouth lol

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They are Animal Crossing Bells beautiful. So detailed. I can not claim to feel the amount of work you've put into the placement of each carefully crafted petal, but I can see that it was a job of love.Such a fantastic thought. You obviously have knowledge of the way to operate this craft. I sincerely hope you're pleased with your work.I understand video games come and go but that is a few genuinely excellent work and I hope it keeps a snug place in your heart.

I want to place these in my mouth lol

I'd really buy one of them (or make one lol) as a flower crown. Absolutely fabulous.If I hadn't used my last award earlier I would have 100% gave it to you....This is absolutely wonderful!

What are they made of?They look very great. Please continue to have pleasure in such a creative way!How did you receive the purple hyacinth blossom? I've cross bread every additional blossom out there but have not gotten a purple hyacinth however and I want one so badly.

"Space Buns": The Animal Crossing participant's hairstyle contributed to doxxing, death threats and destruction

For the most part, it's a casual and carefree simulation game, in which players see their characters sent off to some deserted island populated by anthropomorphic villagers.

According to the Polygon article, someone zoomed in about the texture of the brand new hairstyle and compared it to the texture used for an identical person in Pocket Camp to"prove" they were different and the new buns aren't really space buns. Imagine taking that time to bully someone over Animal Crossing.

I was about to say that Animal Crossing lovers are only crazy, but then I recalled that the accusations of ableism/sexism over which personality people married in Fire Emblem, so maybe it's only Nintendo buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells fans in general.