New World's latest update fixes endgame issues

New World's latest update fixes endgame issues


To correct issues involving mutant difficulty in the game, Amazon Game Studios has released a new update for New World. Essentially, Amazon Game Studios has fixed this message that Mutator difficulty levels 1 to 5 now require Silver. Conversely, levels six to ten will require New World Coins players to reach the gold level.

Additionally, this new patch for New World addresses some lingering bugs found in the game to go along with this endgame fix. While none of these bugs are massive, it does continue to improve the game. For those who haven't played New World yet, they can currently do so by selecting the game on PC. Players can follow the full patch notes by checking out the full add-on for this latest update.

New World Coins

This new update to New World fixes an issue with inconsistent unlock messages on higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulty 1 – 5 still requires Silver, Difficulty 6 – 10 now requires Gold. At the same time, it also fixes the issue that when the warehouse is open, if there are shadow fragments in the warehouse, the equipment cannot be upgraded. For general updates and fixes, the second Keen perk for the Absolute Terror item has been replaced by the Refreshing perk.

This update fixes an issue that could Buy New World Coins cause players in PvP to enter an incorrectly adjusted movement speed state for extended periods of time. Also, an issue where the same player could appear on the war/invasion list multiple times has also been fixed. In order to prevent DoT damage from being continuously triggered, this update also fixes an issue where it would reset the Charged Passive's hit. By the way, players can buy cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to get even bigger progress.