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In the end, the cost and time required to Lost Ark Boosting exchange items using merchants like the Amethyst Shard Merchant is well worth it as they can transport Rapport Supplies Chests, Crystalline Auras that last two weeks, special legendary mounts and more.

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Asmongold's debut Lost Ark stream was his largest ever on TwitchTwitch celebrity Asmongold returned to streaming on his main channel with the introduction of Lost Ark with a broadcast that surpassed his record for viewers at a peak of 285,000.On February 8 Asmongold was back on his primary channel following months of broadcasting from his second channel, zackrawrr.

When he returned in the past, he had made a promise that he'll try GTA RP within the next few months. He made the announcement that generated a lot of excitement since fans of his have been asking him to jump into GTA for quite some time now.

Aston's ever-so-famous return has also seen him reach at viewership numbers he's never before seen before.Asmongold beats his previous record for viewing

Thirty-one year-old Twitch streamer started the Lost Ark journey by buy Lost Ark Gold finding that almost every variation of his name was taken before.