Request refund

1- Reaching Out To The Merchant .

You should first contact the merchant to resolve your issue with a purchase. The merchant has 3 business days to respond to you and attempt to resolve your issue.

2- Filing a Claim with Weenbo

If a merchant or individual seller has not responded or resolved your issue after 3 business days, you can submit a claim for our review on the fourth business day. When you file a claim, answer the questions presented, and include details regarding your issue within the form. We'll review your claim, including any messages that you and the merchant sent to each other along with supporting documentation from the buyer and the merchant. We'll typically respond within 72 hours.

3-Reasons your claim could be denied under this policy include:

• The item received was the same as described by the merchant in your purchase

• The item was received and the merchant verified the delivery of the product

• You disputed the transaction with the bank that issued your credit or debit card

• You didn't submit sufficient evidence requested by Weenbo to support your claim

4.Policy Abuse

If you file fraudulent claims for purchases made on Weenbo, we may disable your ability to make payments or take additional action on your account.